Vanessa & Ivo

Braga, Portugal


We are Vanessa and Ivo. We’re made of sun, sea and love. We’re looking for the romance and intimacy. We have a dog (Kira!) and two (!) cats – Rorschach and Baunilha. We listen to a lots of music and we watch lots of movies (specially those that go well with popcorns). Vanessa worked in a theater company, Ivo worked in cinema. We love cooking together and spend our evening in the sofa. Vanessa is organized, Ivo not so organized.


Elegant wedding in Lisbon


We don’t have words to tell you how beautiful and elegant this wedding was. All the details were careful chosen by Raquel, who’s a lover of the arts and had a very visual idea of what she wanted from her morning preparations to the party. When we meet a couple, we tell them that their wedding video will reflect the mood of the day – from the moment we are in their preparations to the party we absorb the feelings of the day – Raquel and Derek’s was elegance and intimacy. There was a moment in the bride’s room , where Ivo asked Raquel to pose near the window, so they could film and photograph the light in her face and her wedding dress. When Ivo showed the images to her, she told him that she imagined that and that she had that image in her inspiration board. Yes, we do feel the day and we understand the emotions that made you choose the details.


Elegant Jewish Wedding at Areias do Seixo

Areias do Seixo, Portugal

Riding in a tuk-tuk while filming is not the easiest of tasks. Our driver was good enough to speak about the city of Lisbon, overtake the bride and groom tuk – tuk and give us the best shots of the city! Bari and Stephen had a multiple day wedding celebration and the tuk-tuk drive was part of the Lisbon experience, before a wonderful meal at Praia no Parque. But this was just a warm-up. The big day happened at Areias do Seixo, a venue we wanted to visit since forever. Bari and Stephen had the most beautiful jewish ceremony, outside at an amazing setting, and we had the incredible honor of being surrounded by some of our favourite vendors – hi Evoke, hello Branco Prata! After the ceremony the guests were treated to some tasty portuguese cuisine (canned sardines included!). Dinner was served at the Greenhouse – check out the amazing decor by the venue – and eventually the party moved back to the hotel. Let us tell you, these guys knew how to party! You’ll see more of that once we have the finished movie!


A wedding in Lisbon | Marqueses da Fronteira

lisboa, Portugal

A wedding in Lisbon with fado, sun, tiles and world history. When we met Meaghan and Fernando they had a mix of knowledge and amazement for Lisbon and for Portugal. They had bits of Portugal in their soul and Lisbon was the perfect place for them to get married. We visited Alfama in a winter day and we explored everycorner to get a perfect Lisbon postcard. On their wedding day at Palácio Marquês da Fronteira (our second time visiting this place and we love it!) , Meaghan got ready in one of the beautiful rooms with big windows, lots of space and her bridesmaids close by. Fernando chose a cool downtown Lisbon airbnb to host his friends and family getting ready before the ceremony. The Lisbon palace is a beautiful background for the elegant cocktail and the guests have the chance to stroll in its beautiful gardens and fountains with blue tiles. This perfect day ended with the best DJs around – Jukebox blasted dance music to end a great wedding party! Hey guys, We miss you! Thank you for sending this title snippet, it’s gotten us even more excited to see the final product. You guys are incredible and we are so grateful it was you two there with us on this day. You were right about everything. Everything was effortless and seamless. You guys said we wouldn’t even notice you were there and to be honest, most of the time I didn’t but when I did, I was so happy to notice you were there. It made me so happy to see you guys. You fit in so well with the crowd and your presence made us feel at ease rather than putting us on edge. (…) You two are the perfect team and I mean that sincerely. When I saw videos that our guests took from outside of the church, you guys would pop up in the screen and when I look back you guys were part of the crowd- part of our friends and family. We really had the perfect day. This isn’t the last you will hear from us. We have so much we want to share and say to you guys and we have so much gratitude. We are also coming to visit the next time we’re in town! Talk soon! Xo"


Elegant New Yorkers marry in classical Lisbon, Portugal

Lisboa, Portugal

We’re always finding new places. This scenery framed by flowers was one of the prettiest places we’ve been. To see our country through the eyes of the people who visit it , is something that we try to do. Now we love more the music, the tiles, the light and the scenery. The food…? We always loved the food! Stephanie & Garrett dreamt about flowers and mountains. Sun and beach. Good food, beer, fado music and a place to gather friends and family from New York. A foreign place where they could get into this dream all together. This place is Portugal. They chose Herdade do Peru to get married and the Lisbon region to have fun and make memories. We were amazed with the red, pink and burgundy flowers and the Arrábida mountains as a wedding background. We were able to make some stunning images of this couple in their wedding day. They chose to have an outdoor dinner at sunset just with candlelights and party under the stars in a wine cellar.


Intimate and calm wedding at Quinta de Sant’Ana

Lisboa, Portugal

This wedding was not an ordinary day. It was calm, filled with love and very intimate. Maria and David started their day together, in their home, all alone. They had breakfast, got their hair and make up done, as calm as a wedding morning should be. David helped Maria with her wedding dress and she made sure his tie was perfect. We felt we were in a love bubble, all the details were very special. Maria and David made their own wedding rings (made of ceremic) with the help of David’s father! Later in the day, David surprised Maria with a speech about love and coincidences: “It looks like when we met it was a coincidence. It almost didn’t happen. I met a girl who I couldn’t understand if she was the most happy girl or the most shy girl in the world. From that moment on, I knew it wasn’t a coincidence, it was our destiny. I knew I had to hold on to you, no more coincidences.” The venue chosen was Quinta de Sant’Ana do Gradil, one of our favourites, and we had Hugo Coelho photographing. What a day!


Getting married at home

Povoa do Varzim, Portugal

Getting married at home is a beautiful way to personalise your wedding day. Andreia & Rui chose their home as their wedding venue two months prior to the wedding and it was one of the best decisions they made! Andreia called us and said “I’ve been following you for a while on facebook. I’m getting married with the love of my life and I want you to be my wedding videographers since I clicked on your videos. Are you available?”⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ These guys live an intense love – they work in a stressed and quick environment and deal with important issues of society – but they found love and confort on each other in a profound way. Their wedding day was so much fun! When we got to their home and venue for the wedding, Rui was working on the electric issues – getting married at home has its pros and cons. The house was in renovations, but they decided to get married at home, to have friends and family in a ceremony in the backyard, to have local seafood and chicken from their little farm. They hired two ladies from Andreia’s village to cook and the flowers came from a local florist. What it looked weird or impossible became one of the most cool and romantic weddings ever.

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