What we believe in MoietyWhat is Moiety? It is connecting with industry professionals, it is learning from partners, it is collaborating with experience, it is feeling weddings in other countries, it is hearing the voice of those who want to share, it is participating, it is Community, it is Moiety.

The first Community made for storyteller wedding creatives

Because we would have liked to belong to a family like this one when we begun!

How it all started?

The idea began with a little chat in a bar, with one of those conversations with which you want to change the world, but in this case we wanted to ?improve our industry.

We know that entrepreneurship is not easy and sometimes we can feel loneliness, that is why we want become a network of proffessionals with which you can chat, learn and share your ideas.

This is your network if:
- You need links in our industry to propose projects or if you are looking for a job
- Instagram is not enough and you need human help, here we are not focused in followers or likes?
- You want to continue trining and being updated

Do you want to join our Community? YES I DO!

Where the funding of this Community come from?

There are no price lists because some of the best sponsors of the industry are supporting us

We want reach all the wedding professionals, no matter if they have just arrived or if they have a long career.

That is why, we encourage all the brands to collaborate with our Community because this is the best place to promote theirselves and reach to thousands of wedding photographers and videographers.

f you think that your company or product fits in our Community or can help users, join Moiety as sponsor!

Can we talk?



Our little Community.

A team committed to photography.

This is a Community that I would have liked to have when I started

Gaizka Corta Founder

After years as a videographer and producer, it seems to me an innovative project.

Alex RoqueroCo-Founder and the coffee boy

I love the idea of connecting thousands of wedding professionals

Marta RabalCopywriter

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