Vanessa & Ivo

Braga, Portugal


We are Vanessa and Ivo. We’re made of sun, sea and love. We’re looking for the romance and intimacy. We have a dog (Kira!) and two (!) cats – Rorschach and Baunilha. We listen to a lots of music and we watch lots of movies (specially those that go well with popcorns). Vanessa worked in a theater company, Ivo worked in cinema. We love cooking together and spend our evening in the sofa. Vanessa is organized, Ivo not so organized.

28th February, 2020

CLOSESomething Blue Workshop 2020

"Something Blue Workshop" es un workshop para videografos de boda. Un Workshop que como nos gusta decir es un - Back to Basics - de la teoria del video de boda hasta filmar los momentos más importantes. Con muchas Keys que quizas ya hemos olvidado: Equipo utilizado, como lo usamos, como nos comunicamos con las parejas. Dos días en una clásica villa en Guimarães, Portugal, donde hablaremos de todo y donde iremos a trabajar de verdad. Ya que un buen video de boda necesita de conocimiento !! * Something Blue Workshop is a wedding video workshop. This year we'll get Back to Basics - we'll start from the beginning – from wedding video theory to filming the most important moments. What gear we use, how to use it, how to communicate with the client to get the best results. Two days in a beautiful classic house in Guimarães, Portugal where we'll talk about everything and really work on things. A good wedding film needs knowledge !!

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