Vanessa & Ivo

Braga, Portugal


We are Vanessa and Ivo. We’re made of sun, sea and love. We’re looking for the romance and intimacy. We have a dog (Kira!) and two (!) cats – Rorschach and Baunilha. We listen to a lots of music and we watch lots of movies (specially those that go well with popcorns). Vanessa worked in a theater company, Ivo worked in cinema. We love cooking together and spend our evening in the sofa. Vanessa is organized, Ivo not so organized.


Vanessa & Ivo - Compass Luts

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Preset publicado por Vanessa & Ivo

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What does this Preset contain?

6 color LUTs and 1 Black and white

We're Vanessa & Ivo, wedding videographers. We shoot weddings since 2012 and if you've never heard of us, check us out at and

About a year ago we launched our first set of LUTS, SB Luts (SB stands for Something Blue, our first brand, and it’s also the name of our Workshop).
SB Luts was very, very successful, much more than what we anticipated. We had hundreds of sales for videographers all over the world, and received crazy feedback.
So now, a year later, we decided to launch our new set of LUTs. We called them The Compass Luts, and it consists of 6 color LUTs and 1 Black and white.

This LUTs are compatible with standard rec.709 files, shot in Neutral style with Sony, Panasonic and Canon cameras.

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