Nicole Sánchez



Portuguese documentary wedding photographer with a french name and a spanish surname, based in Lisbon, but grew up in Madrid, and lived in the Azores. Loves to see couples in love and be part of their special life moments.


destination wedding portugal

portalegre, Portugal

This is the photo reportage of Valentina and Andrew’s destination wedding at Herdade da Maxuqueira in Portalegre. From the first time we met in Lisbon, there was a great connection. The couple flew from Australia with their closest family for a small intimate wedding celebration. Andrew, a long time visitor of lisbon, was very relaxed and easy going. Valentina, a beauty herself, looked to overview every detail and do the decoration herself. Therefore, at the Herdade, they felt at home! All the preparations were done with the couple’s siblings, in a joyful autumn morning. Above all they wanted to enjoy the countryside warmth and calm. Wine, beers and games, were the boys delights. While Valentina and the girls took care of the flower arrangements and decorations. As a result, most of the greenery used came from the Herdade. So, all the staff came to help out as a result, turning the job into something fun.


Cascais wedding

Cascais, Portugal

Min from Korea and Luis from Portugal have decided to exchange vows in Lisbon. In Korea they had a traditional ceremony. And in the UK where they live, a close celebration with their friends. Hotel Real Villa Italia, was the chosen location in Portugal, just by the sea, in Cascais. An intimate and very symbolic ceremony was performed by all the attending family and friends. The feel and atmosphere of the surroundings, with the couple’s look would easily resemble a James Bond movie. The gardens on the hotel surroundings provided that extra scenario, giving the wedding an elegant and modern feel. A mood perfectly combined with the bride and groom.


Lisbon Elegant Wedding

lisboa, Portugal

is is Lisbon wedding of Mariana and Afonso. Their wedding was celebrated in one the city’s church and the dinner took place at Convento do Beato. An elegant ceremony and dinner followed by an amazing party and dance floor. At the top floor a bird’s eye view of the city. The bride walked to the church, curious passers by stopped to watch her. It may seem that we have lost this tradition in the city. The ceremony was very emotional for the couple and close family. Traffic went on hold on the street due to the guests and family that cheered and danced. Elegant Convento do beato is an historical convent turned into an event venue. The spacious interior square was closed with a glass celling enabling closed door events. With over three hundred guests, the dance floor was a break through. From traditional South Africa songs, to modern songs, they had a blast. The night ended with the bride having her bouquet tossed from the first floor, for three times! This is the photo reportage of this elegant Lisbon wedding.


Azores engagement

são miguel, Portugal

Joel had a surprise for Lindsey while she travelled europe with her parents and best friend. He wanted to propose to her. So they arranged everything to be a surprise. This engagement session was done a day after the question was popped up, at dreamy island of São Miguel in the Azores. This archipelago is situated in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. These nine islands are unique in each of them, being São Miguel the largest. We travelled for one day around the island visiting some spots on the amazing island of São Miguel. From waterfalls to roads full of hydrogenas, black sand beaches, to end at Mosteiros beach for a sunset and some pizza. In May 2019 they get married and their save the date and invitation featured some of these shots. Couldn’t be happier to see them enjoying and laughing throughout the day. Congratulations! See you soon...


Santa Cruz Elopment

santa cruz, Portugal

Ana and Gonçalo exchanged vows on the beach, in a ceremony performed by them. Ana wrote her vows in the morning at their house, overseeing the beach. She prepared her dress, the lambrusco wine, the cake and small details that were very important and symbolic during their vow exchange. She got dressed at a typical beach fabric shade house, already the beach was being dismantled, due to the end of season. Passers were quite intrigued by the bride walking around the beach fully dressed in her white dress. The cake, made by Conrad’s Bakery in Lisbon, was fresh and light, lemon taste and poppy seeds, perfect for a late summer day. Simply decorated with some green leafs. The glasses and cutlery were a gift to add to all the detailed ceremony. The bouquet was made with cactus, the couple is fond of them and had a few hanging in the house. When the groom arrived, by his surprise, everything was ready at the beach. The vows were very emotional, and intimate. So the moment was only witness by the couple, and some children at the beach having a swim. Santa Cruz has an amazing light at the end of the day, and the couple enjoyed a walk by the sea shore, hugging and kissing, listening to some music and enjoying their cold lambrusco wine. This Santa Cruz beach elopment was all prepared by the bride, with meaning and heart and a lot of love.

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